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Imagine yourself as an Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) Volunteer.

Volunteers are our lifeblood.  Our Volunteer program has something for everyone, including Area Stewardship, Conservation Education,  and Special Project Workdays. With a wide variety of backgrounds, each of our volunteers shares a love for the ASCCA and an interest in nature conservation.

We celebrate our volunteers at our annual recognition event and show our appreciation for all their contributions throughout the year.Come out and join the enthusiastic Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area Volunteer group!

Job Descriptions

If you are interested, please go over our Volunteer Guidebook and submit a Volunteer Application.  For further information about volunteering call our Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Aldridge at 403-931-1042 or e-mail info@crossconservation.org.


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area wildlife + plants

Smooth Fleabane
Erigeron glabellus

Leaves found primarily at base of the plant, dark green, smooth or with short hairs.  Flowers with over 100 bluish pink or white florets on the flower.  Center disk is yellow, and hairy with a green center.


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