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“Wonderful day with great educational focus. Beautiful natural setting with knowledgeable staff.”

Grade 6 teacher


Engage students in the wonders of the natural world at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA). Book a Conservation Discovery program and experience a day long exploration on the land involving hiking and hands-on activities in a natural environment. The programs are led by Conservation Educators, both staff and volunteer, and are linked to the Alberta Curriculum.

Program cost: $6/student with a minimum $120/class charge.
Program size: Maximum of 30 students/class; total of 60 students/day
       Exception: Winter Walkabout -Maximum of 25 students/class or 50                                                              students/day


Winter Walkabout grades 1-2

Amazing Mini Adventuregrades 1-3

The Web of Life grades 3-5

Keepers of the Landgrade 4

Forest Exploregrade 6

Care for the Land – grades 7- 9
NEW-   Conserving the Wilderness of  the Alberta Night Sky – grade 6


Bookings: Click book your education program or contact (403) 931-2042 for more information

 Logistics: See school program logistics

Are you unable to attend a program at ASCCA? Let us come to your school with our half-day Conservation Discovery outreach programs.

Are you keen to make a difference? Do you want to put your conservation education into practice? Why not get involved with a take action! initiative and keep conservation active in our communities!

Wow! Did you know that the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area is a proud recipient of the Emerald Award for Conservation Education!



 Winter Walkabout – grades 1-2
Become Cross Conservation Officers and look for signs of life in winter, discover animal tracks and signs, experiment with snow as a an insulator and uncover ways plants survive in winter.
offered: December 17 – March
curriculum ties: Seasonal Changes, Needs of Animals and Plants (grade 1); Creating Colour (grade 1); Small Crawling and Flying Animals, Hot and Cold Temperature (grade 2)

 Amazing Mini Adventure – grades 1-3
Investigate the amazing world of insects in pond, forest and grassland habitats. Explore life cycles, adaptations and food chains through this hands-on adventure.
offered: May – June
curriculum ties: Needs of Animals and Plants (grade 1); Small Crawling and Flying Animals (grade 2), Animal Life Cycles (grade 3)

 The Web of Life – grades 3-5
Get caught up in the connections in the web of life, uncover the important role each species plays in the forest and grassland habitat, and discover how people fit into the web of life.
offered: May – November
curriculum ties: Animal Life Cycles (grade 3); Plant, Growth and Changes, and Waste and Our World (grade 4); Wetland Ecosystems or Patterns and Relations (grade 5)

 Keepers of the Land – grade 4
Explore the ways people have used the land in the past, how we use it today and imagine a future of land use and conservation.
offered: May – November
curriculum ties: Alberta: The Land, Histories and Stories (grade 4)

 Forest Explore – grade 6
Learn about trees and forests through plant identification, forest ecology and investigating the value of forests to wildlife and humans. Solve the identity of your mystery plant and discover how plants are used for curing ailments.
offered: May – November
curriculum ties: Trees and Forest (grade 6)

NEW- Conserving the Wilderness of the Alberta Night Sky– grade 6

description:The ASCCA and the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (RAO) have created a partnership that will inspire connections and a love of nature within the nocturnal environment. Students will visit both sites on a single date. The first stop is the ASCCA where through hands-on outdoor experiential learning programs, your students will learn about the majestic night sky. The next stop is the RAO. After a dinner break students will learn about the importance of dark skies to Astronomy.

offered: October-February  3-8pm
curriculum ties: Sky Science; Trees and Forest; Flight; Wellness Choices (grade 6)

 Care for the Land – grades 7- 9
Take on the role of natural area managers and investigate biodiversity, conservation and stewardship and their relationship to ecosystems and land management.
offered: May – June
curriculum ties: Interactions and Ecosystems, Plants for Food and Fibre (grade 7); Freshwater and Saltwater Ecosystems (grade 8); Biological Diversity, Environnmental Chemistry (grade 9); Environmental and Outdoor Education (junior high)

Note: Only the main curriculum ties are listed. Each program may connect to several other curriculum areas.



All participating teachers are required to attend a 90 minute inservice at the ASCCA at predetermined times prior to their program. Exceptions are made for teachers who have attended an inservice for that program in the past two years.

Do you want to find out more information? Try FAQ - School Programs.

Would you like to see a typical day at the ASCCA? Review a typical Itinerary.

How do we address your safety at the ASCCA? Take a close look at Safety and Risk Management Plan for Teachers.

Subsidies for program fees are available based on financial need. Please call (403) 931-2042 for more information.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



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