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We bring Conservation Discovery programs to you! Enjoy a half-day hands-on discovery in your own classroom and schoolyard! Outreach programs are based on our Conservation Discovery School programs and are led by our Conservation Educators.

Program cost: $6/student with a minimum $120/class charge plus a $50/day mileage fee
Program size: Maximum of 30 students/class; maximum of 4 classes/day
       Exception: Winter Walkabout -Maximum of 25 students


Winter Walkabout– grades 1-2

Amazing Mini Adventure– grades 1-3

The Web of Life– grades 3-5

Forest Explore– grade 6

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Winter Walkabout – grades 1-2
Investigate what animals and plants need to survive our coldest season! Experiment with snow as an insulator and become a vole underneath a snow blanket. Use track makers, sounds, and natural objects to discover who lives here in winter, then explore your own backyard. Weather dependent – must be able to spend majority of program outside.
offered: December – March
curriculum ties: Seasonal Changes, Needs of Animals and Plants (grade 1); Creating Colour (grade 1); Small Crawling and Flying Animals, Hot and Cold Temperature (grade 2)

Amazing Mini Adventure – grades 1-3
Discover the wee world of insects! Get up close with live insects and natural objects (hives, galls, larva tunnels) to study life cycles and habitats. Investigate aquatic insects in a mini pond and create bug parks based on different needs! Try out a bug’s life through metamorphosis and food chain games and find out how you can protect insects.
offered: Apr – June
curriculum ties: Needs of Animals and Plants (grade 1); Small Crawling and Flying Animals (grade 2), Animal Life Cycles (grade 3)

The Web of Life – grades 3-5
Untangle the roles of plants and animals in a forest habitat. Investigate skulls, antlers, seeds, and more to discover how each species’ needs are connected in a web of life. Explore food chains, predator-prey relationships, and waste recycling and dissect real owl pellets. Finally, determine your role in protecting the web!
offered: Apr – November
curriculum ties: Animal Life Cycles (grade 3); Plant, Growth and Changes, and Waste and Our World (grade 4); Wetland Ecosystems or Patterns and Relations (grade 5)

Forest Explore – grade 6
Explore the value of forests to wildlife and humans. Use a dichotomous key and real tree and shrub samples to identify a mystery plant to cure your ‘ailment’. Count rings on tree cookies and investigate various tree measurements. Take on the roles of forest animals with food chain and habitat games and debate the importance of forests to you.
offered: Apr – November
curriculum ties: Trees and Forest (grade 6)


Only the main curriculum ties are listed. Each program may connect to several other curriculum areas.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


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area wildlife + plants

Disporum trachycarpum

Habitat: The Fairybell is common throughout the wooded areas of Alberta from May-June preferring the nice, damp soil.

Description: Greenish-white bell-like flowers hang down and droop from slender stalks and are usually covered by their leaves.  The leaves are long and range from ovate to oblong.  They only flower for a short time but the orange-red berries they produce take the whole summer...

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