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Community Conservation Learning Opportunities

2017 Cross Conservation Talks  

April , 2017- Star night with the RASC - Calgary Centre.

Learn about what's up in the night sky and how to combat light pollution!

Mother's Day Yoga (May)- YogaVentures

Outdoor yoga opportunity at the ASCCA to be shared with your family (all genders welcome). A unique opportunity to get in touch with your Zen and your mom all at once.

June 2017- Annual Bioblitz

Join us as we once again try to identify as many species as possible on the ASCCA in one day. Educators will be posted on the trails with biofact stations to engage hikers.-date TBA

October 11, 2017- 7 pm TREKKING ACROSS ALBERTA, FROM SK TO BC - NEAR THE 49TH PARALLEL   ....   by Gus Yaki. 

In May-June 2017, Gus Yaki, a life-long naturalist, in his 85th year, led 39 like-minded individuals across S. Alberta to observe that area's unique flora and fauna. 

The walk's purpose was primarily to show fellow travellers the rich diversity of species that live in this area, many of them just spilling across the US border - and to raise much-needed funds for conservation organizations. 

October 29, 2017- Halloween Howl

Join us for our annual Spooktacular Scavenger HUnt. See the Conservation Area in the Dark and visit with our guest speakers to learn about the nocturnal world and "scary" creatures.

Please email Laura at lgriffin@crossconservation.org for more information or to join our CCLO mailing list or phone 403-931-2042.

area wildlife + plants

Wild Strawberry
Fragaria virginiana
Compound leaves with 3 leaflets, that are broad, oval shaped and toothed.  Blue-green in color, smooth above and hairy below. White flowers grow on a leafless stem, 5 petals per flower.  "Berry" is 10-15mm in diameter (much smaller than the berries you buy in the supermarket).
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