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Canada Goose

Branta canadensis
Photo by www.fnal.gov

Habitat: Lakeshores, riverbanks, ponds, farmlands and city parks.

Description: Long black neck, and a black tail.  White cheeks, and under their tales, light brown belly, and dark brown backs.

Size: 55-122cm long

Diet: aquatic vegetation, grass and roots.

Fun Facts: Canada Geese will choose a mate, and breed with that mate year after year, their loyalty is legendary!

Source: Fisher, C. and J. Acorn. 1998. Birds of Alberta. Lone Pine Publishing.

From our Wildlife and Plants Photo Gallery

Posted by Katherine Thielmann

area wildlife + plants

Prairie Onion
Allium textile

Habitat: Abundantly found throughout prairie regions.  Typically found on dry plains and hillsides.

Description: The flowers grow in small clusters at the ends of slender stems, typically white and lily-shaped.  The leaves of the Prairie Onion are long and very narrow.  Like most onions the plant produces a strong aroma.

Size: 8-25cm


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