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Cow Parsnip

Heracleum lanatum
Photo by www.tlc.baremetal.com

Habitat: Shaded prairie, stream banks, clearings and moist, open aspen woods.

Description: Very large leaves that are compound, in threes (can be up to 30cm long).  Flowers are white, in umbrella shaped clusters.  Strong smelling plant.

Size: 2m tall.

Fun Facts: The latin name "Heracleum" comes from Hercules, because of how big the plant is!

Source: Wilkinson, K. Wildflowers of Alberta: A Guide to Common Wildflowers and Other Herbaceous Plants.  1999.  University of Alberta Press and Lone Pine Publishing

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Charadrius vociferus
Grayish-brown above and white below.  Has two black stripes on it's chest and a cinnamon colored tail.
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