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Early Yellow Locoweed

Oxytropis sericea
Photo by www.agt.net

Habitat: Prairie grassland, dry hillsides and roadsides.

Description: Leaves found at the base of the plant only, each with 7-17 oblong, pointed leaflets.  Grey-green in color with white hairs. 6-2 pale yellow, flowers in dense cluster at the top of the plant.

Size: 7-50 cm tall.

Fun Facts: Locoweed is poisonous to cows and horses, and can cause them to stagger around, blind.  Loco is spanish for "mad and foolish," which describes what livestock look like after having eaten the plant.

Source: Wilkinson, K. Wildflowers of Alberta: A Guide to Common Wildflowers and Other Herbaceous Plants. 1999. University of Alberta Press and Lone Pine Publishing.

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Linaria vulgaris
Fleshy dark gree narrow leaves.  Yellow flowers with orange "throats" that have two lips that make it look like a mouth.  The top lip has 2 parts (lobes), the lower lip has 3 parts .  Flowers cluster at the top of the plant.
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