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Gaillardia aristata
Photo by www.dereila.ca

Habitat: Open grasslands, dry hillsides, roadsides and open woods.

Description: Grayish in color with alternating, lance shaped leaves.  Leaves are toothed all along the outside.  Lower leaves are longer with stalks, the upper leaves shorter, without a stalk.  One or more flowers per plant on a long stalk.  Yellow petals (florets), become orange at the base.  Central disk purple or reddish and hairy.

Size: 30-60cm tall.

Fun Facts:  The species name "aristata" means "bristly" or "bearded" because of the hairy center!

Source: Wilkinson, K. Wildflowers of Alberta: A Guide to Common Wildflowers and Other Herbaceous Plants.  1999.  University of Alberta Press and Lone Pine Publishing.

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Golden Bean
Thermopsis rhombifolia
Has alternate, compound leaves with 3 leaflets, but it also has stipules, that look like leaves that have no stem, and clasp the main stem.  Bluish green in color, smooth, or with little hair.   Flowers short, crowded into clusters.  Flowers are 1-2cm long, bright yellow color, with small black lines in the centre.
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