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Green-Winged Teal

Anas crecca
Photo by www.virtualbirder.com

Habitat: Shallow lakes, wetlands, beaver ponds and slow moving rivers.

Description: Male: chestnut head, with a green strip running back from each eye, and a white shoulder patch.  Creamy breast with black spots, and grey sides. Female: mottled brown back, with a pale belly.  Both have a small bill.

Size: 30-41cm long

Diet: Aquatic invertebrates, larval amphibians, sedge seeds and pond weeds.

Fun Facts: Every year after breeding, they molt, and are no longer able to fly because they no longer have a full set of flight feathers.

Source: Fisher, C. and J. Acorn. 1998. Birds of Alberta. Lone Pine Publishing.

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Northern Harrier
Circus cyaneus

Male: light grey back, with white belly and has black wing tips. Female: reddish-brown back, and white belly. Both have a white patch on their rump above their tail.


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