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Long-tailed Weasel

Mustela frenata
Photo by www.enature.com

Habitat: Agricultural areas, grassy slopes, and alpine tundra.  It will inhabit aspen parklands, valleys and open forests if the short-tailed weasel is not present.

Description: Cinnamon-brown summer coat with an  orange or buff belly.  The tail is half as long as the body with a black tip.  The coat turns entirely white in the winter except for the black tip on the tail.

Size: 34-49cm long; 85-400kg

Diet: Voles, mice, ground squirrels, wood rats, red squirrels, rabbits, eggs and shrews.

Fun Facts: The weasel wraps its body around larger prey like a snake to knock it off balance, and wrestle it to the ground.  It then kills the animal with bites to the head and neck.

Source: Pattie, D. and C. Fisher. 1999. Mammals of Alberta. Lone Pine Publishing.

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Dreamy Dusky Wing
Erynnis icelus

Habitat: The Dreamy Dusky Wing can be seen mid-May to early July throughout Alberta.  It is primarily a prairie species that can be found where the forest and grasslands meet and around shrubby areas. 

Description: A small, dull coloured butterfly, it is the most moth-like of Alberta butterflies.  It is usually hard to distinguish between other Dusky Wings however the Dreamy...

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