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Anas platyrhynchos
Photo by www.fnal.gov

Habitat: Lakes, wetlands, rivers, springs, city parks and agricultural areas.

Description: Male: glossy green head, with a white line around its neck.  Yellow bill, chestnut breast, grey body and a white tail.  Female: mottled brown, with an orange and black bill.  Both have orange feet.

Size: 51-71cm long

Diet: seeds of sedges, willows, pondweeds, aquatic invertebrates, larval amphibians, and fish eggs.

Fun Facts: Mallard ducks will breed with domestic birds, or any other duck that catches their eye, not just other mallards!

Source: Fisher, C. and J. Acorn. 1998. Birds of Alberta. Lone Pine Publishing.

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Silky Lupine
Lupinus sericeus
  Covered in soft, silvery hairs.  Compound leaves with 6-10 leaflets, that alternate on the stem.  Individual leaflets are narrow and 3-6cm long.  Flowers grow in long terminal clusters, purple-blue in color (can be white or yellowish).  Silky Lupine's often grown in dense groups.
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