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Northern Bedstraw

Galium boreale
Photo by www.british-wild-flowers.co.uk

Habitat: Moist prairie, open woods, roadsides and thickets.

Description: Leaves grow directly on stem (no stalks) in groups of 4.  Dark green in color, narrow, 1.5-5cm long, with three main veins.  White or cream colored flowers are tiny, and grow in clusters.

Size: 80cm tall.

Fun Facts: It is called "bedstraw" because the dried plants were used to stuff mattresses on beds!

Source: Wilkinson, K. Wildflowers of Alberta: A Guide to Common Wildflowers and Other Herbaceous Plants.  1999.  University of Alberta Press and Lone Pine Publishing.

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Pintail Duck
Anas acuta
  Male: Chocolate brown head with a white breast and white stripe on its back.  It has a dark bill, and long tail feathers.  Female: Mottled light brown, all over its body.
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