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Northern Harrier

Circus cyaneus
Photo by www.coffeecreekwc.org

Habitat: Open areas, marshes meadows and cultivated fields.

Description: Male: light grey back, with white belly and has black wing tips. Female: reddish-brown back, and white belly. Both have a white patch on their rump above their tail.

Size: 47-50 cm, 350-400g

Diet: small mammals and birds

Fun Facts: They perform an amazing aerial courtship called “skydancing.”

Sources: W.B. McGillivray, and G. Semenchuk. 1998. The Federation of Alberta Naturalists Field Guide to Alberta Birds. Federation of Alberta Naturalists.

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Posted by Christina Keough

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Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus tridecemlineatus
  Back is covered in alternating spotted and pale stripes.  Between the stripes, the coat is brown in color.  The nose, cheeks, belly and eye circle are all pale in color.  It has large eyes, and small ears.
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