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Northern Pocket Gopher

Thomomys talpoides


The Northern Pocket Gopher can be found living in many different habitats. It only avoids living in densely treed forests, waterlogged areas and shallow rocky soil. These creatures spend most of their time in underground burrows. Patches of dark loose dirt often indicate the areas under which the pocket gopher has made its home.


Squat with a rounded face, the Northern Pocket Gopher ranges in color from black to grey to brown. The back of the Northern-Pocket Gopher is often a darker shade than the underside. They have a thick hairless tail and visible incisors.


Length 19-26 cm, Weight 75-210 g


Most of their diet is made up of the underground parts of plants. In the summer they also eat green vegetation found outside their burrows.

Fun Fact

The Northern-Pocket Gopher is named for its externally opening fur-lined cheek pouches which it uses to carry food.


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