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Pintail Duck

Anas acuta
Photo by www.northpolealaska.com

Habitat: Shallow wetlands, fields, the edges of lakes.

Description:  Male: Chocolate brown head with a white breast and white stripe on its back.  It has a dark bill, and long tail feathers.  Female: Mottled light brown, all over its body.

Size: Male: 64-76cm long.  Female: 51-56 cm long.

Diet: Seeds of sedges, willows and pond weeds, larvae of amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates

Fun Facts: They line their nests with soft feathers from the female’s body.

Source: C. Fisher and J. Acorn. 1998. Birds of Alberta.  Lone Pine Publishing.

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American Wigeon
Anas americana
Male: White forehead with a green stripe running back from each eye.  Female: Greyish head.  Both have large white patches on their wings, with cinnamon colored breasts, and a grey bill with a black tip.
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