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Red-backed Vole

Clethrionomys gapperi
Photo by www.globalforestscience.org

Habitat: Coniferous forests, bogs and sometimes aspen forests.

Description: Coat is red on the back, becoming paler on the sides and belly.  Short tail, with few hairs on it, and ears that are round and stand above the fur.

Size: 12-16cm long; 13-44g.

Diet: Green vegetation, grasses, berries, lichens, seeds and fungi.

Fun Facts: They spend the winter in the layer between the frozen ground and the snow, where it's actually quite warm.

Source: Pattie, D. and C. Fisher. 1999. Mammals of Alberta. Lone Pine Publishing.

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Long Dash Skipper
Polites mystic

Habitat: The Long Dash Skipper can be found throughout central and southern Alberta in grassy areas from June to July.

Description: Predominately orange and brown the Long Dash Skipper can be identified by the small yellow patch located on the hind wing.

Size: 20-30 mm

Diet: Both male and females love legume flowers.


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