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Porzana carolina
Photo by Tim Zurowski

Habitat: Wetlands with emergent cattails, bullrushes, sedges and grasses.

Description: short, yellow bill; black face and breast with long greenish legs.

Size: 20-25cm long.

Diet: Seeds, aquatic insects and mollusks

Fun Facts: The Sora's call is halfway between a horse's whinny, and someone laughing!

Source: Fisher, C. and J. Acorn.  Birds of Alberta.  1998.  Lone Pine Publishing.

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Alfalfa Sulphurs
Colias eurytheme

Habitat:  The Alfalfa Sulphur can be found throughout southern and central Alberta from May to October.

Description:  Also known as the Orange Sulphur, the Alfalfa Sulphur looks very similar to other Sulphur butterflies but can be distinguished by three small dots on each of its underwings.  The tops of their wings however are orange.

Size:  35-40 mm


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