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White-Tailed Deer

Odocoileus virginianus
Photo by www.pgc.state.pa.us

Habitat: Riparian forests, woodlands, abandoned farmland.  They need open areas that are near cover.

Description: Reddish brown coats in the summer, grey in the winter with a white chin and belly.  There is also a narrow white ring around the eye.

Size: 1.3-2.2m long, 50-200kg

Diet: In the winter, leaves and twigs of evergreens, deiduous trees and brush.  In spring and early summer, forbs grasses and mushrooms.

Fun Facts: Although they can walk just after birth, baby deer spend most of their first month hiding quietly under some vegetation while it's mother leaves to feed.

Source: Pattie, D. and C. Fisher. 1999. Mammals of Alberta. Lone Pine Publishing.

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Long Dash Skipper
Polites mystic

Habitat: The Long Dash Skipper can be found throughout central and southern Alberta in grassy areas from June to July.

Description: Predominately orange and brown the Long Dash Skipper can be identified by the small yellow patch located on the hind wing.

Size: 20-30 mm

Diet: Both male and females love legume flowers.


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