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Wisewood Apothecary Survival Plant Walks
Sunday, August 6, 2017 - 11:00am

"Join certified Practical Herbalist, Cheyenne Caza, for a walk in the woods as she shows you the edible, medicinal, and practical uses for plant life growing in Alberta. You will learn plant identification, sustainable harvesting methods, terrain and wild life safety, as well as plants that are suitable for building with, eating, and treating common survival oriented injuries and illnesses. Each route we offer provides different ecosystems, perspectives, and plant life, so do not be shy about joining us regularly.

All our Survival Plant Walks are BY-DONATION! That's right, you donate what you can (generally between $5 and $20 per person), no need to pre-register, just mark "going" on this event invite. The best part is that half of the funds raised are donated to a local charities or organizations. Monthly, we choose a new organization to support and for the month of August, the funds will be going to the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area for their efforts in protecting natural habitat and providing space for native species of wildlife to flourish. 

As always, a refreshing herbal BEVERAGE and a PRIZE DRAW is included with your donation! Please try and bring a mug so we can limit our use of disposable cups."

-- From 'Wisewood Apothecary' (Facebook)


Dates below:

August 6 - Elbow Falls
August 9 - Nose Hill Park

August 13 - Edworthy Park
August 16 - Fish Creek Park
August 19 - 26 St Ridge SE
August 26 - Pearce Estate Park
August 27 - ASCCA @ 1:00 pm
August 30 - Bowness Park




area wildlife + plants

Garita Skipper
Oarisma garita

Habitat: The Garita Skipper prefers grasslands and is very common around the Peace River area.  It can be found in its butterfly stage mainly in June and July.

Description: Garita Skippers are brown with the leading edge of the front wings being orange.  Unlike other Skippers whose wings usually lay flat, the Garita Skippers hold their wings folded above their body or with the front...

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