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We are pleased to announce that our Beaver family has arrived! Thank you to the AIWC for trapping and relocating the 4 beavers from Airdrie. Read more about our Beaver Reintroduction Project here.

2017 Dates to Remember

Volunteer Recognition - January
Volunteer Recruitment - March
New Volunteer Training - April/May
BioBlitz - June
Stampede BBQ (for volunteers and donors) - July
Elk Bugle & BBQ - September
Halloween Howl - October
And more conservation education events TBA


area wildlife + plants

Long Dash Skipper
Polites mystic

Habitat: The Long Dash Skipper can be found throughout central and southern Alberta in grassy areas from June to July.

Description: Predominately orange and brown the Long Dash Skipper can be identified by the small yellow patch located on the hind wing.

Size: 20-30 mm

Diet: Both male and females love legume flowers.


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