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Hey Kids! You have now entered the Kids Zone… a fun place for kids of all ages. Here’s your chance to find out more about the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA)!



Feeling Brainy? Try out our nature trivia section. Or perhaps you want to learn more about the ASCCA with our super cool grassland animation. For more cool games check out our kid links in the Take Action section below.


Education Programs

Did you know that the Aboriginals who roamed this land thought that the children and elders were the most valued members of the community? Today, we still believe that as kids you are just as important now as you were back then. That’s why year after year we offer conservation discovery school programs.



Do you have a natural curiosity for the world around you? Does the thought of escaping to the great outdoors appeal to you? Or do you find yourself reading books upon books about bugs, birds, bears, and bogs? Then perhaps you would like to join us for a week of nature safari summer day camp! Call 403-931-2042 for inquiries.


Take Action!

Have you just finished an awesome project where you took action to make the world a little better? We would love to hear about it in our take action section. And make sure to check out the ideas that some of our other students have had - you might gain some inspiration.

If you want to know a little bit more about the scenery and wildlife that live at the ASCCA check out our photo gallery.

area wildlife + plants

False Solomon’s Seal
Smilacina racemosa

Habitat: Found throughout the woodlands and prairie thickets of Alberta.

Description: The flowers are small and white that grows in dense clusters at the ends of leafy stems.  Each flower resembles a miniature lily which turns into a purple berry when mature.  The plant itself grows in dense patches bearing ovate leaves.

Size: 0.5-1m tall

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