Pine Creek Homecoming: Beaver Reintroduction Project

A healthy population of beaver once lived on the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, and now we’re bringing them home!  With the help of the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, Alberta EcoTrust, the Alberta Conservation Association, the Land Stewardship Centre, and the Miistakis Institute, we are well on our way to reintroducing two families of beavers to the North and South arms of Pine Creek.

This project will demonstrate how beavers play an important role in ecosystem health through the provision of healthy wetlands.

Project Updates

Check out the October Project Update for information on the release of a beaver family on the ASCCA and visits by the Calgary Science School students!

Read the full Project Update for July for more information!

Check out this video taken by CEO Greg Shyba of one of our new beaver residents - that's some fantastic footage!  

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Varied Thrush
Ixoreus naevius

Description: Large thrush, dark gray upperparts, rust-brown throat, breast, sides, eyebrows, black breast band, and white belly and undertail. Wings are dark gray with two rust-brown bars. Tail is dark gray with white corners. Legs and feet are brown.

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