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Dreamy Dusky Wing

Erynnis icelus
Photo by Will Cook

Habitat: The Dreamy Dusky Wing can be seen mid-May to early July throughout Alberta.  It is primarily a prairie species that can be found where the forest and grasslands meet and around shrubby areas. 

Description: A small, dull coloured butterfly, it is the most moth-like of Alberta butterflies.  It is usually hard to distinguish between other Dusky Wings however the Dreamy Dusky Wing lacks the clear spots that can be usually found on the forewing.  Males tend to be darker and have longer hairs than the females.

Size: 25-35 mm

Diet: Regularly feeds on legume flowers.

Fun Fact: Large groups of Dreamy Dusky Wings sometimes gather on the edges of mud puddles to enjoy a nice cool drink.


Acorn, John. Butterflies of Alberta. Edmonton: Lone Pine Publishing, 1993. Print

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Ondatra zibethicus

Long, shiny, tawny or black hairs that overly a brownish grey coat.  They also have a long black tail, that is almost hairless.  They have short legs, and their back feet are partially webbed.


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