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Western Tailed Blue

Everes amyntula
Photo by Nicky Davis 2007

Habitat:  The butterfly can be found throughout Alberta and loves to live in poplar forests.

Description:  Males of the Western Tailed Blue are purplish blue on the inside of their wings while females are brown.  The undersides on both sexes’ wings are white.  On each hind wing protrudes a small tail and behind each tail is some yellowish spotting.

Size:  22-30mm

Diet:  The caterpillars feed on shrubs and legume plants

Fun Fact:  The tails and spots on the hind wings of the Western Tailed Blue act as an illusion to predators giving the appearance that the butterfly has two heads.


Acorn, John. Butterflies of Alberta. Edmonton: Lone Pine Publishing, 1993. Print

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