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Silvery Blue

Glaucopsyche lygdamus
Photo by Kim Davis and Mike Stangeland 2009

Habitat:  The Silvery Blue can be found throughout all of Alberta and is very common in poplar forests and meadows.

Description:  The Silvery Blue is closer to grey than silver on the underside of its wings with blue on the inside.  Each wing was a distinctive row of black spots running across them.

Size:  25-30mm

Diet:  The caterpillars of the Silvery Blue consume the buds and flowers off legume plants

Fun Fact:  Due to the voracious appetites of the caterpillars, scientists believe some plants have evolved to bloom at specific temperatures so the caterpillars do not have a chance to eat all the flowers.


Acorn, John. Butterflies of Alberta. Edmonton: Lone Pine Publishing, 1993. Print

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Amelanchier alnifolia
Shrub or small tree, forms dense thickets.  Branches are smooth, dark grey to reddish brown.  Leaves thin, oval shape with sharp teeth on the top half.  Has white, showy flowers.  Berry-like pomes (like miniature apples), purple to nearly black in color.  Juicy and sweet!
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