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June 22 Nature Survey

This week, a group of our dedicated volunteers took a hike on our land near the old Pine Creek Trail to do a survey of some of the diverse flora and fauna at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. Summer has arrived, meaning that our volunteers were able to spot some beautiful flowers, some purple round-leafed orchid and some little white one-flowered wintergreen (pictured below). Volunteers were also able to see quite a few species of birds and insects, including the tiger swallowtail butterfly, whitetail deer and mountain bluebird!

Special thanks to Peggy & Chris Mills, Linda & Mal Blasetti, Ing-Britt Renborg and Bev Lane for your detailed nature survey, we hope you enjoy hiking at ASCCA all year long!

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Blue-Winged Teal
Anas discors
Male: Blue-grey head, with a white strip around its bill.  Brown with black spots on the breast and sides.  Female: mottled brown overall, with a blue patch on the wing, that is usually only visible during flight.
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