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Building Bat Boxes

To the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, all living creatures are number one. Bears, deer, hawks and cougars, and yes … even caterpillars. Bats are especially included on this list. These mammals given the power of flight can eat up to 600 insects per hour (including mosquitos), making them one of our best friends. No picking favourites though!

On May 26, Evergreen, HSBC, Calgary Quest School and ASCCA set out on a mission to build bat boxes. The day started out sunny with a fresh morning dew scent to in the air. The bees were humming, the birds singing and vans and cars were pulling up full of exhilarated kids and volunteers. After we all got to know each other, tasks were assigned and people got organized and ready to go. The bat boxes had three layers of wood, giving the bats two roosting areas, breathing holes and inside entrances … what luxury! The day went smoothly and by the end we had them all built.

On June 22, two Cross Conservation employees headed out to the Calgary Quest School to paint the bat boxes black. The Calgary Quest school Green room students did an amazing job once again, and now the bats will be plenty warm in their new homes. We’ve installed two little suggestion slots at the bottom of the boxes and are expected to get feedback from the bats once they are up. ASCCA would like to thank Evergreen, HSBC volunteers, our volunteers Catherine, Diane, Jocelyn, Barry, and the Calgary Quest School for a job well done. Great work!

- Zachary (Education Summer Student, ASCCA)

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Ondatra zibethicus

Long, shiny, tawny or black hairs that overly a brownish grey coat.  They also have a long black tail, that is almost hairless.  They have short legs, and their back feet are partially webbed.


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