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July 20 Nature Survey

This week, (July 20), our lovely volunteers completed their latest nature survey at the Cross. I'm hoping to accompany them next week. It's a fantastic time of year for spotting flora and fauna in the area; flowers are blooming, deer and elk are roaming, and saskatoon berries are ripe for the picking (though we leave them for the animals).

Peggy & Chris Mills, Linda & Mal Blasetti, Martha Clarke, Ing-Britt Renborg, Dick Choy and Bev Lane found some rather exotic-looking thistles. I was amazed to see the bright colours from the photos that were sent; it looked like something from the Amazon rainforest!

If you have yet to visit us, July and August are ideal times to book a hike.

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Ring-Necked Pheasant
Phasianus colchicus
Males have a distinguished body compared to the females. They have a black head and white stripe around the collar and short black tuffs around the ears. Males have a long tail, red face, and a bronze body with several patterns of colour ranging from green, and maroon to cream. Females have a shorter tail and varied light and dark brown markings.
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