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Dick Choy's Nature Photography

We love our volunteers! Long time volunteer Dick Choy, who works on special projects and does land maintenence with our habitat manager Reg Rempel recently shared some of his stunning photography with us. Take some time to scroll through this short gallery of his photos taken this week (August 16, 2016).

Also, make sure to share your own nature photos with us!

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From top -

1. Wasp nest

2. White-tailed deer skull

3. Combtooth fungi (grows on aspen logs in moist areas)

4. Coral fungi (grows on coniferous forest floor)

area wildlife + plants

Arctic Blue
Agriades franklinii

Habitat:  The Arctic Blue can be found throughout Alberta, except for in the mountains.  The Arctic Blue prefers open, dry, sandy places and gets its name from its large habitat range that continues all the way into the Arctic islands.

Description:  Mostly a dingy blue in color, on the underside of the hind wings can be found white spotting

Size:  25-30mm...

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