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Tree Planting with The Carbon Farmer and UPS Canada

Last week, I experienced hands-on the some of the important work we're doing at ASCCA to restore and protect natural habitats. A few years back, in partnership with The Carbon Farmer, we began an initiative to plan 1 million trees, shrubs and native grasses on select portions of the conservation area. On August 19, I had the privilege of joining Brad Rabiey at the south-west corner of our land to plant a few lodgepole pine saplings. UPS Canada has been a valuable partner in turning our ambitious dream into a reality, and two of their staff came along to plant trees and be part of what will be a lasting legacy on the land.

Anna Aldridge
​Communications & Volunteer Coordinator
Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area


area wildlife + plants

Silvery Blue
Glaucopsyche lygdamus

Habitat:  The Silvery Blue can be found throughout all of Alberta and is very common in poplar forests and meadows.

Description:  The Silvery Blue is closer to grey than silver on the underside of its wings with blue on the inside.  Each wing was a distinctive row of black spots running across them.

Size:  25-30mm

Diet:  The...

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