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Now and Then: Nature Safari Day Camp

I can't remember when the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) was not a part of my summer adventures. For a little girl who did not enjoy her mother putting her in day camps, I quickly changed my attitude about going to camp when I stepped through these doors. Out of all the camps I had gone to as a child, this was the only one I couldn't stop going back to summer after summer, even to this day. From an early age I was intrigued with nature and inspired to protect what precious wildlife we have. At camp I learned about different living organisms, how to build a shelter, and how to handle various survival situations, work with others and think creatively. Summers at ASCCA have shaped my character and how I value the preservation of our environment. As I am growing up, I carry the things I learned at camp into real life situations. With increasing environmental problems such as climate change, pollution and resource depletion, I believe it is critical to teach future generations how to care for our environment before it's too late. As a day camp volunteer, I now help inspire volunteer opportunities for campers who are passionate about conserving our environment and working with younger kids at day camps. I want to help them understand their responsibility in protecting nature as well as having a fun summer experience. It's these young minds who will have the responsibility of coming up with new solutions to growing global issues. If I had never gone to this camp, I know I would not have the aspirations I do today to keep our world healthy.

Ann & Sandy Cross were two people who donated their land with a vision of educating those who visited about the conservation of our Earth. Thanks to their generous donation, myself and many others have been given a new perspective and have been enlightened on the importance of conservation. I remember how my camp leaders mentored me throughout my camp experience. These camp leaders have had an impression on me and have inspired me to be a leader myself. The greatest part of volunteering at summer day camps is watching how the kids develop in just a week. At first they are shy, just like I was as a camper, but by the end of the week they've met new friends and are singing songs at the top of their lungs on the trails. I love telling stories to young minds and watching their eyes grow wider with interest and watching the smiles these camps bring to the kids. As a volunteer, I am so proud that I can contribute to the place that helped shape me by mentoring and inspiring future generations. Looking back I can only be thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this organization. The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area is without a doubt a hidden gem which was created for making memories.

By: Rachel Kubitz

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European Skipper
Thymelicus lineola

Habitat: The European Skipper can be found on the wing in June and July.  Becoming an invasive species of butterfly, it can be found in the grasslands of central Alberta spreading about 25 km every year.

Description: The European Skipper can be recognized by its bright orange wings marked by dark wing veins.  The edge of the wings are bordered with black.  The aptly named...

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