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The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area requests that groups of 8 or more book their hike in advance. If there are multiple bookings on the same day we may ask you to reschedule your hike to minimize impact on the area and its wildlife. Groups of 15 or more will recieve a booking confirmation.

Booking Instructions

   1. Pre-book your visit if your group has more than 8 hikers by filling out the form below, after reading our Area GuidelinesPlease click here to read our full list of Area Guidelines. All visitors must read and follow our guidelines.

   2. Only groups of 15 and more will receive a confirmation. 

   3. When you arrive for your visit, register yourself & each vehicle in the Welcome Kiosk by the parking lot. Our registration book can be found in the box under a large map of our trails.

   4. Help us to maintain our trails and continue to conserve and protect area habitat and wildlife by leaving a donation.

   5. Enjoy your visit!

Trails are open from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm seven days a week. We do not allow dog walking, hunting, cross-country skiing or camping. 


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area wildlife + plants

Western White
Ponita occidentalis

Habitat:  The Western White can be found throughout Alberta

Description:  Very similar in appearance to the Checkered White, the Western White is more heavily marked on its front wing tips and has darker, black markings on its upper wings.

Size:  40-50 mm

Diet:  They primarily feed on mustard family plants

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