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The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) has merchandise for sale!  Purchase one of our branded items as a great way to show your support.  All proceeds go towards the ASCCA.  To make a purchase please contact us at info@crossconservation.org, call us at (403) 931-1042 or come to Belvedere House.

New! Coaster Set - $10.00

(Includes set of 4 coasters with images taken at the ASCCA)

New! Travel Alarm Clock - $8.00

New! Boxed Note Cards - $15.00

(Includes 8 Notecards with photos from the ASCCA and Envelopes)


Stainless Steel Water Bottle- $15

(includes Bottle Tote and Carabiner)


Baseball Cap- $20


Tall Mug- $10



Paradise Preserved - $30.00


This beautifully illustrated hardcover book by Bruce Masterman tells the story of the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA).  It is a story of the history of the visionaries Ann & Sandy Cross and a celebration of the ASCCA. It celebrates the wonderful gift of land and the efforts at educating generations about conservation and nature. 

The book comes with a DVD of a brief history of the ASCCA and beautiful images, most taken by talented Calgary photographer Mike Sturk (sold separately for $7). 

Paradise Preserved is available at major bookstores and at the Cross Conservation Area. All royalties will go to the ASCCA. If you purchase your book at the ASCCA, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the ASCCA. You will also receive the complimentary DVD.


Wildlife Corridor Study - $30.00

Considering Connectivity: Maintaining Critical Landscape Connections for the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area in a Regional Context

This report is an update of a previous wildlife movement study and covers the use of remote wildlife cameras, including many maps and figures. The Wildlife Corridor Study can be purchased for $30, and includes a CD of the report with high-resolution images. This study was prepared by the Miistakis Institute and the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary for the ASCCA in 2008. 



To make a purchase please e-mail us at info@crossconservation.org,
call us at (403) 931-1042 or come to Belvedere House.

area wildlife + plants

Dreamy Dusky Wing
Erynnis icelus

Habitat: The Dreamy Dusky Wing can be seen mid-May to early July throughout Alberta.  It is primarily a prairie species that can be found where the forest and grasslands meet and around shrubby areas. 

Description: A small, dull coloured butterfly, it is the most moth-like of Alberta butterflies.  It is usually hard to distinguish between other Dusky Wings however the Dreamy...

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