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Conservation matters. With caring and support from donors like you we are able to continue to protect vital native habitat for the diverse wildlife that call the conservation area home, and to ensure that we can continue to provide valuable education programs, especially for young people. Our important role is to raise awareness of conservation issues to inspire people of all ages to work towards a better, more sustainable future. Join us today.

Please contact us at info@crossconservation.org or 403.931.1042 if you have any questions or concerns about making a donation.

How To Donate

Cheque: Payable to the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area

Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
20-194001 160 Street West
Foothills AB T1S 4K9

Cash donations and in-kind donations of products or services are welcomed at our education center Belvedere House.

The preservation of a natural area is a living memorial. A memorial donation made to ASCCA helps protect the Cross Conservation Area while ensuring that the memory of a loved one lives on. For more information or inquiries, please contact Greg Shyba at 403-931-4070 or gshyba@crossconservation.org.

Sponsoring and Partnership Opportunities

Charitable Tax Credit

Alberta has one of the highest charitable tax credits in Canada.  Donations can reduce your taxable income!  For more information please visit the Alberta Community Spirit tax program website at: http://culture.alberta.ca/communityspirit/taxcredit.aspx.

area wildlife + plants

Erethizon dorsatum

Glossy, brown to black coat, with long, white-tipped guard hairs.  The front claws are sharp and curved.


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