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ASCCA Parking Policy

Our paid parking policy assists with the financial sustainability of the ASCCA, but it is also one of our impact reduction strategies. We would like to continue to see visitors enjoying and respecting the ASCCA, however we would also like to encourage people to visit a variety of natural areas to limit impact on specific areas like the Cross Conservation Area. Our visitor numbers have increased significantly in recent years, and we are concerned about the impact this will have on native wildlife in the area.

We estimate the cost of providing an opportunity for visitors to experience over 20 km of observation trails to be approximately $50,000 per year or $5 per visitor to maintain the trails and outhouses. Unfortunately, visitor donations do not come close to covering those costs. Many people do not realize that we do not receive any funding from the province to cover these costs. In fact, all of the government operating support we receive covers less than 1% of our entire operating budget.

All visitors are required to display an annual parking pass or evidence of paid parking when parked in our visitor lot. 

The daily fee for parking is $10, for those who do not have a pass. 

Payment can be made via cash or credit card. Cash payment should be deposited in envelopes in the brown donation box near our parking lot Welcome Kiosk. Envelopes are available in the kiosk. Please display the tear-off validation slip from the envelope in your vehicle dashboard clearly once you have completed payment.

If paying by credit card, visit paypal.me/asccaparking/10. Once payment is complete please write on a piece of paper your name, the date, and ’paid by card’ and display clearly on your vehicle dashboard.

Our lot is open to visitors from 4:00 am - 11:00 pm daily. The lot will be regularly monitored by staff and volunteers. Displaying a pass or proof of payment operates under an honour system. Vehicles without a pass or validation slip clearly displayed may receive a notice. Vehicles repeatedly parked without validation or a pass are subject to towing. Vehicles parking for more than 24 hours or after hours without notice may also be towed. We discourage loitering and meeting in our parking lot as this may be disruptive to our neighbours.

Please direct questions and concerns about parking to 403.931.4070 or [email protected].

Annual parking passes normally expire on December 31 for the year they are issued. Passes are regularly $120, and will be on sale at an early bird rate of $100 from September 1 to December 15 each year. A pass purchased in September will be valid from September of the year purchased until the end of December the following year.

Parking passes may be renewed for $80. If you renew your pass between January 1 and September 1, it will be renewed to the year of purchase. If you renew your pass between September 1 and December 31 it will be renewed to the subsequent year.

Example A - It is January 2022. Mary currently holds a 2021 parking pass. If she renews now, her pass will be renewed to 2022.

Example B - It is September 2022. Mary currently holds a 2021 parking pass. If she renews now, her pass will be renewed to 2023.

Example C - It is January 2023. Mary currently holds a 2021 parking pass. If she renews now, her pass will be renewed to 2023.

If you have questions please contact us at 403.931.1042 or email [email protected]

Active volunteers are not required to pay for parking while volunteering, and will be issued volunteer passes.

Participants in our education programs will not be required to pay for parking. Groups and individuals visiting the area for educational or enrichment* purposes will need to contact our office to book their hike in advance, and will not be required to pay for parking. It is up to the discretion of our staff to waive parking fees.

*including but not limited to visits with senior groups, youth groups, high needs groups and those with physical or cognitive challenges 

Parking in our visitor lot will be free during events, such as our BioBlitz, Star Night and Halloween Howl. If you are visiting our building only, we encourage you to park for free in our upper lot.

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