Teacher and Educator Information

Teacher and Educator Information

Our hands-on programs inspire awareness, appreciation, and action! The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area is a 4800 acre natural area, located southwest of Calgary on 160th St W off Highway 22X. The ASCCA is a mix of aspen forest and grassland habitats and is home to over 400 species of plants and wildlife.

We would like your experience at the ASCCA to be educational, fun and memorable. Safety is a top priority for our organization and all of our programs. Our programs are led by our trained Conservation Educators, who are either an ASCCA staff member or a volunteer.

We have the following measures in place to ensure a safe program for you and your students:

  • All educators are trained in first aid.
  • Educators carry a radio and first aid kit.
  • Check that all participants are prepared for the weather.
  • Students and adults stay together as a big group while on the trails.
  • Attention is paid to weather conditions and programs are adjusted accordingly.
  • Students and parents are given an on-site orientation to the ASCCA and emergency procedures on the day of the program.
  • Teachers are given program and safety information and as well as an orientation call or meeting prior to their visit.
  • Remember that safety is a shared responsibility between you and the Conservation Educators.
  • Please contact us at 403.931.1042 with any questions or concerns.
  • Download our Safety and Risk Management Plan.

Prior to your visit, please make sure that you review the ASCCA area guidelines.

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