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Celebrate Family Day outside in the magic of the natural world at Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation area. Bring your entire family and experience a type of Forest Bathing walk where you’ll engage in activities that allow you to become explorers with your senses, sparking imagination and excitement while connecting with nature’s gifts. Plan to have some fun, be immersed in nature and enjoy a cup of forest hot chocolate.

This Family Day, take a break from the city and enjoy winter in another way while spending time together.

What is Forest Bathing?

Since the 1980s, a great deal of research has come from Japan and other parts of the world indicating that guided forest bathing experiences can offer a broad spectrum of health benefits to humans. Guided forest bathing walks can help support emotional wellness, reduce stress, improve sleep and immune system functioning, increase ability to focus and help with mood and depression.

Nature has a purpose in learning, development, and in building a sense of place in the world. Guided forest bathing provides an opportunity for this to be embedded in a meaningful and practical way for both children and adults.

The very ‘nature’ of these activities help to promote an overall sense of well being in children and adults supporting what research continues to demonstrate - spending time in nature is good for us.

Join certified Forest Therapy Guides Julianne Buchler and Christine Jenik to experience the health benefits of a forest bathing experience. We are guides, not therapists. We believe that nature is inherently therapeutic; our role is to help people connect with nature so that they can reap the many benefits.

All guides are certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy


- Ages: Adults and kids (3 Years and up)
- Cost: $20.00 adults, $5.00 kids
- By attending this event, you are NOT required to pay for parking at the venue.

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Family Day Forest Bathing Walk