When we hear the word conservation, we usually imagine other people involved in organizations trying to protect something that needs protecting. We rarely see it as a word that applies to us as individuals within our own communities. We rarely take ownership of this word. It is better left to those who know more than we do.

Conservation more than anything means realizing that the earth, and all its land, living creatures and plant-life, are NOT commodities that belong to humans, but rather vital components of a community to which we all belong. We cannot survive on this planet without a healthy land beneath our feet, and without the biodiversity of life that lives upon it. Conservation means recognizing that all of our day-to-day actions and decisions impact the health of our natural world, and that by choosing and acting differently, and more conscientiously, we can both conserve and revitalize.

Conservation is an internal mind-set as well as an external action.

We must start recognizing that a healthy wilderness, abundant species, and respected resources are imperative to sustainable life on earth. Nothing else we do or dream about or create will matter if we do not have a planet on which to live. 

Conservation means you and I and every other person on this planet taking positive, responsible action to ensure that this planet continues to live, so that we can live upon it.

Conservation means life.

Jennifer has enjoyed visiting the ASCCA on hikes and for programs with her son, and hopes to encourage others to appreciate nature.

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