The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) welcomes four volunteer interns from the Canadian Conservation Corps (CCC) for the spring season – Alex, Emma, Jesse, and Darla. The CCC program, organized through the Canadian Wildlife Federation, follows three stages: an expedition, work placement, and volunteer/research project. After spending 2 weeks snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and hiking in the Kananaskis, these participants were matched to volunteer with the ASCCA.

Alex is a mycology enthusiast and amateur photographer who resides in Ontario. She loves citizen science and would spend every waking moment in the forest if she could. Having never been to Alberta before, Alex is looking forward to exploring the breadth of fauna, flora, and fungi that Western Canada has to offer. In particular, she is interested in examining the vital contributions that fungi make to local ecosystems.

Emma comes from Ontario and has most recently worked in participatory community research in her home community and at an eco-lodge located close to Yellowknife. She is passionate about conservation and hopes to learn about the local fauna of the ASCCA through field work and with a wildlife conservation biology lens. With this being her first time in Calgary, she hopes to learn from leaders in field work and wildlife studies to be able to contribute to wildlife conservation and be able to be a guide for others and pass on any knowledge she learns.

Jesse comes from the plains of Saskatchewan where he has spent most of his time as a laborer for a roofing company. He has always been very interested in the outdoors and spends lots of his free time exploring the outdoors. Jesse has always been looking for an opportunity like this to broaden his knowledge on animals and plants throughout Western Canada and the work undertaken by those in related fields. He is extremely grateful for the location of his placement and hopes to be able to get out and explore the great wilderness that this area of Alberta has to offer.

Darla also joins the ASCCA from Ontario. She just completed her undergraduate science degree with majors in evolutionary anthropology and cognitive science. Darla is interested in working with conservation organizations like the ASCCA to find ways to contribute meaningfully to environmental preservation. She is excited to immerse herself in Alberta’s wild spaces and learn about the biology, ecology, and natural history of the region.

Alex, Emma, Jesse, and Darla are very excited to be volunteering with the ASCCA to support education programming and land and habitat projects.

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